Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

A full-mouth rehabilitation is when every single tooth in the mouth is restored, whether for aesthetic purposes or because of extreme wear or fracturing of fillings and teeth.

It’s a complicated process and requires a significant investment of time and money. Missing teeth may need to be replaced by bridges, implants and partial dentures, and it may also be necessary to ‘raise the bite’ ( teeth are built up to restore the teeth to the pre-damaged levels). Other specialists, such as endodontists (for root-canal treatments), periodontists (gums and implants) and oral surgeons (extractions, implants, orthognathic surgery), may have to be involved. It may be possible to rehabilitate just the upper or lower jaw with raising the bite.

A number of different restorations, prostheses, techniques and methods are possible in full-mouth restoration. Full coverage with crowns are the most common restoration used; however, partial coverage using gold onlays, porcelain fillings, veneers and composite fillings may also be used.