Full Fixed Bridges

This is the supreme implant treatment. A full mouth of bridges are screwed directly into implants, bringing you the closest to having your own teeth again! There’s no palate, so you can taste your food and feel your palate as normal.

For the procedure to be possible you need a minimum number of implants placed into each jaw – usually five in the lower jaw and six in the upper. The implants are left to heal for between six weeks and a year, depending on the quality of the bone and any additional processes required. For most people the wait period is three months.

During the wait time, you are generally provided with dentures, though it may be possible for a fixed prosthesis to be screwed into your implants instead. Other fixed options may also be possible, but these incur an additional cost and may affect the success of your bridges when they’re constructed.


Once the implants are integrated, construction of the bridges begins: a process taking up to two months. Generally the shape and size of the new teeth will have been worked out with you in advance, but at this stage there will be a number of ‘fittings’ to make sure you’re happy with them. The bridges are generally made out of porcelain and titanium or a high-gold-content alloy. If a slightly cheaper option is desired, the teeth can be made from acrylic.

Maintenance is highly recommended: we’d like to see you once a year to unscrew the bridges and clean and check the implants.