Smile Journey

Unhappy with your smile? Are you self conscious about opening your mouth to smile? Do you put your hand in front of your mouth when you smile or even not smile with your teeth at all? Does your smile affect your self confidence?

We at the Melbourne Prosthodontic Centre would love to give you a great smile and bring a sparkle back to your face.

When you come in, we discuss what you want to look like and what you don’t like about your teeth and give you a realistic idea as to what is possible for your mouth. We listen and ascertain where the problems are. If you like some one’s smile in a magazine, bring it in to your consultation appointment so we can capture the elements of what you want.

We then take models of your mouth with a mockup of proposed treatment which is then possible to be tried in your mouth. Changes can be made at this point and your teeth are still not touched.

Once everyone is happy, we can then progress with your treatment plan and in getting you a brand new smile!

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