Why Choose Us?

We are qualified specialists trained in dealing with the overall condition of the mouth and coming up with the appropriate plan rather than just looking at one issue. We think of the longevity of anything we do and plan for the long term.

Our specialists are highly qualified having gone through years of extra training and continue to invest heavily in further education. We are leaders providing dental education to other dentists, students, overseas dentists, hygienists and nurses.
The work is provided at the highest standard and the best materials and labs are used. All of our staff care about you as a person and help to give you the best experience possible.

Latest technology is invested in to help us give you the best possible result. This ranges from cone beam X-rays machine (normally only found in radiologic clinics and hospitals), to soft tissue lasers, digital X-rays, Class B autoclaves, ‘painless’ needles with the wand, digital photography, computerised billing and ipads for treatment choice explanations.

We live our motto- quality in a caring environment.

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